Why washing your hands is a really big deal

Washing your hands: it can be a matter of life or deathWash your hands. It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But it’s not happening enough. And it has unbelievable consequences.  

Not washing your hands causes infections to spread, which at best costs employers’ money, causes children to miss school and you to feel ill. On a much more serious note, lives are lost due to infections produced by the lack of handwashing.  

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports these numbers, strongly demonstrating why washing your hands is a really big deal:

  • 1 in 10 patients gets an infection while receiving care.
  • Up to 90% of care workers do not clean their hands in some facilities.
  • Infections cause up to 56% of deaths among hospital-born babies.

Incredibly, there are an estimated 1,500 bacteria per square centimetre of skin on your hand. So, it’s easy to see how infections, diseases and illnesses spread. These figures are scary, but the solution is so simple: Wash your hands.

1.8 million children under the age of 5 die each year from diarrhoeal diseases and pneumonia. In South Africa, 20% of deaths of children under five are caused by diarrhoeal diseases alone. But handwashing with soap could protect 1 out of every 3 young children who get sick with diarrhoea and almost 1 out of 5 young children with respiratory infections like pneumonia.

Handwashing really does work.

Spreading the message

Teaching people about handwashing helps them and their communities stay healthy. This is where World Hand Hygiene Day comes in. Set up by the World Health Organisation (WHO), it’s a day devoted to maintaining a global profile on the importance of handwashing. It also aims to bring people together in support of improving hand hygiene.

This year, the WHO were targeting health workers with the theme ‘Fight antibiotic resistance – it’s in your hands’. While good hand hygiene is vital for those who work in the medical field, it’s also an importance practice for the general public. World Hand Hygiene Day is open to anyone, so keep an eye on the WHO infection prevention and control page for tools, resources and ideas on how you can get involved in 2018.

When illness or infections strike

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Why washing your hands is a really big deal

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