Ambulance Service – ER24

ER24 provides Topmed Medical Scheme members with Emergency Medical Services throughout South Africa, as well as in Lesotho and Swaziland. ER24 has approximately 260 rapid response vehicles and ambulances stationed at bases around the country and this national network includes Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Life Support Emergency Services. Together with additional quality-controlled contracted service providers, ER24’s national footprint ensures the prompt response of the most appropriate team of paramedics at all times.

In order to ensure efficient and effective call-taking and call-handling, ER24 uses one national numbers, 084 124, operated through a high-tech emergency Contact Centre, 24 hours a day. ER24’s clinical staff are all highly specialised in Emergency Care and include friendly and helpful professional nurses and paramedics who are supported by the ER24 Chief Medical Officer. Daily transfer of scheme data allows providers to confirm member status after-hours.

Why should I call ER24?

ER24 is Topmed’s Preferred Provider for any ambulance services. If services are not rendered by (or through the intervention of) ER24, benefits will be limited to a specified maximum (please refer to the Summary of Benefits for details).

What to do in the event of a medical emergency:

  • Always call 084 124.
  • If someone is calling on your behalf, tell them to call 084 124.

Medical Information and Assistance Hotline

ER24 medical personnel, including paramedics, nurses and doctors, will be available 24 hours a day to provide general medical information and advice. This is an advisory and information service, as a telephonic conversation does not permit an accurate diagnosis:

Members are encouraged to utilise this 24-hour cost-saving service. ER24’s doctors and nurses use medical data base algorithms and protocols to advise members on healthcare solutions.


  • Urgency of attention needed – dispatch ambulance, go to hospital, go to doctor, go to pharmacy for OTC meds, self-medicate from home.
  • Doctor and facility referral for scheme benefit DSP’s e.g. networks, GP’s, hospitals and pharmacies.
  • Generic medication advice.

Crisis Counselling and Referral Hotline

In addition to our medical information and assistance line, all Topmed Medical Scheme members have access to telephonic Trauma Counselling where trained counsellors will provide assistance with, inter alia, the following:

  • Poison advice
  • Suicide hotline
  • Substance abuse
  • Domestic and child abuse
  • Rape counselling and referral to Rape Centres
  • Bereavement counselling
  • Hijacking
  • HIV/Aids information and counselling

CLAIMS QUERIES: For any claims enquiries, you can phone 0861 084 124 or e-mail