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Topmed – We Know You Better

Founded more than 40 years ago, Topmed provides a wide range of affordable and transparent medical aid options especially tailored to suit you. We are passionate about healthcare and believe that our holistic and innovative approach, coupled with financial stability, efficient administration and personal service, enables us to put our members first.

At Topmed we have a number of unique benefits that will help you stretch your day to day benefits giving you more value and reassurance that your health really matters to us.

All of our partners, such as our administrator Private Health Administrators (PHA), PPN, ER24 have been carefully chosen by us to ensure excellent service is delivered to you.

Reasons to choose Topmed: Your Plan for a Healthier Life

Wide range of affordable medical aid options

Whether you require major medical (hospital), prescribed minimum benefits (PMB), day-to-day or chronic medication cover, Topmed has a range of medical aid options available to ensure you get value-for-money medical cover that suits your individual needs.

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Unbeatable Value

All of Topmed’s options offer private hospitalisation cover and insured major medical benefits.

Topmed Essential is rated as one of the top affordable hospital plans in the country, with provider benefits in hospital covered at 100%.

Topmed Network offers differing premiums based on your income.  This is good news for full time students who don’t have an income – we have our sights set on supporting South Africa’s future leaders! Particularly attractive to future professionals (and their parents), our entry level income band on the Network option provides day-to-day medical aid cover and private hospitalisation from as little as R348* per month, regardless of whether the student or their parents pay the premium.

Additional Wellness Benefits

Topmed offers comprehensive Wellness Benefits on the Comprehensive, Executive, Family, Savings and Active Saver options, giving you access to certain preventive and screening tests which are payable from Topmed’s Major Medical Benefit, which then allows you to extend your day-to-day benefits.

Financial Stability

Topmed’s financial position remains strong and stable with a solvency ratio well in excess of the statutory solvency requirements. You can feel secure when entrusting your health with Topmed.

Extended Major Medical Benefits

Topmed provides an Extended Major Medical Benefit on all options except the Network option. This benefit gives you access to extended rehabilitation benefits for five major procedures: Crime Related Trauma, Heart Attack and Stroke, Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement.

Wellness Nurses

Just for being a Topmed member you will have a dedicated Wellness Nurse to keep track of your health journey. Your Wellness Nurse will be available to you when you need any health advice or a helping hand with managing your health needs. Further to this, you will also have the help of targeted nurse interventions to ensure effective disease management should you need it

  • Oncology
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Diabetes
  • Organ transplant and dialysis
  • Mental Wellness
  • Maternity programme
  • Lifestyle Management programme

Employer Groups

At Topmed we are in a great position to provide small to medium businesses with a one-stop medical scheme for multiple employee bands. We are able to provide you and your business with a solution that works best for you.

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