HIV / Aids Programme

At Topmed, we have been covering HIV/AIDS as a real benefit, including the provision of anti-retroviral treatment, (ART) since the inception of ART. The Topmed HIV/ AIDS Programme goes beyond registering a condition and allocating benefits and is designed to address the needs of patients and families affected by HIV and AIDS.

Managed by our Dedicated Professional Nurses, together with a dedicated HIV/AIDS Programme Co-ordinator, the Topmed programme is a fully confidential programme that covers issues such as:

  • Pre-testing and pre-treatment cancelling and planning
  • Help in choosing the treatment that suits your needs
  • Education regarding the prevention of transmission, as well as healthcare and nutritional guidance
  • Monitoring of side effects and response to treatment to make sure your medication is working for you
  • Encouragement of adherence and compliance with the programme and medication
  • Liaison with your medical provider when necessary and at your request
  • Medication benefits including anti-retroviral
  • Consultation and diagnostic benefits
  • Prevention of mother to child transmission
  • Occupation injury and exposure to HIV positive blood e.g. sexual assault
  • Management of opportunistic infections
  • Hospice care

If you or any of your beneficiaries are affected by HIV or AIDS, please contact the HIV Programme Co-ordinator who is in the best position to assist you with the registration process and ongoing management.

0860 448 2273 (0860 HIV CARE)

This is a fully confidential line.

PLEASE NOTE: Please note that anti-retroviral drugs may only be obtained once registration has occurred and cannot be authorised through the chronic medication process. HIV/AIDS benefits are authorised by Topmed HIV/AIDS Programme only.