Lifestyle Management Programme

The Lifestyle Management Programme is designed to assist individuals who suffer from chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, asthma as well as certain types of arthritis, back and joint problems, heart conditions and depression with the management of their conditions through permanent lifestyle modifications.

Changing unhealthy lifestyle patterns can drastically reduce the effects of certain chronic and debilitating conditions as well as the dramatic impact of secondary infections and related diseases. These lifestyle patterns include in particular physical activity and dietary habits.

Purpose and benefits of completion of the Lifestyle Management Programme can include:

  • An increased level of wellness
  • Reduce complications as a result of risk factors related to obesity and/or lifestyle
  • Reduce secondary effects of chronic conditions
  • Assist members who have conditions that could be improved by weight reduction and exercise rehabilitation to manage their conditions and prevent the need for surgical/operative interventions, which could add risk
  • In some cases a modification of the dosage or discontinuation of chronic medication

How to register:

Should you wish to join the Lifestyle Management Programme contact us 0860 00 21 58 where you will be evaluated by the Lifestyle Management Programme coordinator.