Optical Benefit

Topmed has partnered with Preferred Provider Negotiators (PPN) for the administration of the Optical benefits on the following options:

Topmed Comprehensive,
Topmed Executive and
Topmed Family

PPN will provide the following services for members on the above options:

  • Benefit confirmations
  • Claims receipt and processing
  • Claims payment to members and providers

PPN has 20 years’ experience in the field of optometry benefits management and has over 2500 contracted providers (90% of all registered optometrist) that will afford Topmed the best pricing for clear spectacle lenses. By consulting at a PPN provider, members can save up to 70% on clear lenses.

To ensure that your provider belongs to the PPN network, either visit the PPN website www.ppn.co.za or call the PPN call center on 0860 103 529.

PLEASE NOTE: For Topmed’s Comprehensive, Executive and Family Option your optical claims MUST be sent to PPN.

Claims can either be emailed to claims@ppn.co.za or faxed to 041 506 5750.

Exclusions applicable to optical benefits

  • Adjustments to frames
  • Fitting of contact lenses
  • Sunglasses or tinted lenses
  • Coloured or tinted contact lenses
  • Hard coatings and other extras
  • Contact lens solution